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Jeff Garton

Jeff Garton is a best-selling career author whose background is in global talent management and staffing with the Philip Morris Companies. He coined the term and published the first book on the new topic of career contentment (ASTD Press, 2008). His most recent book is a collaboration with leadership guru, Dr. Warren Bennis.

Located in Chicago, Jeff's company produces coaching and training resources that help build an employer’s contented workforce. In addition, he partners with leading nonprofits to deliver Employment Mindset training to help the unemployed find work faster. For information about Career Contentment, and the Employment Mindset to achieve it call 847-607-8854 or visit

  • For HR professionals to admit that satisfaction and engagement programs don't work would be difficult. Those are HR's most enduring tools in the fight for talent, and against turnover and poor performance. That's like physicians admitting that penicillin doesn't work or teachers admitting that a good education is not important. Actually, neither of those things work unless people...Full Article »

  • Although data exists to justify the implementation of programs that reward, satisfy, develop, promote, empower, involve, recognize, retain, engage, balance and strengthen workers, every new generation entering the workforce still complains about the same dissatisfactions as the generation before them. And workers still quit regardless of whether they are made satisfied and engaged or not. Those...Full Article »

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