Employee Engagement-- A Roadmap

Hosted By :  Alexandra Guadagno
August 6, 2012
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Tags : David Bator | Employee engagement | Tech | Talent Management

About this Podcast...

Employees that are not engaged are less efficient; simply going through the motions rather than working to their full potential. They also have higher absenteeism and turnover rates. This all comes with a steep price tag. In the U.S. lost productivity costs organizations as much as 300 billion annually. A significant portion of payroll also becomes pure cost with no ROI.

We are joined by David Bator, Director of Customer Strategy & Marketing at TemboSocial. For the last 13 years, David has worked with the senior management of global companies to build marketing and communications programs that deliver extraordinary value for customers, employees and partners.

David’s company, TemboSocial, a leading provider of interactive engagement and community building solutions helping global companies engage their customers and employees in measurable and meaningful two-way dialogue.

In this podcast, David explains  how Employee participation and performance leads to profits, as demonstrated by companies with high levels of engagement.  

Rate this Podcast: (4.7 Stars | 16 Votes)

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