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Linking Talent Management Initiatives to the Bottom Line: An MTV Perspective

Hosted By :  Katherine Mehr
August 12, 2009
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Tags : human resources | talent management | Bouvier Williams | MTV Networks | Tech |

About this Podcast...

Businesses large and small have incorporated talent management into their organization to some degree. But before a human resources professional can leverage talent management initiatives within any organization, it must be quite clear how these initiatives impact the bottom line. Without recognizing the challenges and potential issues, without creating solutions and action plans, talent management could fail tremendously, wasting organizational dollars and precious time that human resources managers may not have.

MTV Networks has a great deal of brands such as Spike TV, Comedy Central, TV Land and Nickelodeon; each of those brands or channels is quite diverse. According to Bouvier Williams, Vice President of Talent Management for MTV Networks, MTV tries to spend time understanding the individual needs of each of these brands, divisions and businesses and make sure the solutions they are providing meet those needs.

Williams shares how he has leveraged talent management across an array of brands while linking the initiatives to the organizational needs—and showing the true impact it has on the bottom line.


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