Google's Pay-for-Performance Strategy

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As the economy begins to recover, the global talent shortage continues to loom. While employers ask more from their employees, they run the risk of putting employee stress, health and turnover at higher risk. Organizations should be looking after the well-being of their key talent and can improve their productivity and motivation by aligning individual performance to corporate goals. By giving employees a “piece of the pie,” via profit sharing, performance-based incentives and the like, it creates a greater connection between employee and employer—thus resulting in increased productivity.

In this podcast interview, Frank Wagner, head of compensation and benefits for Google, and a panelist in Human Resources IQ's upcoming online Compensation & Rewards Summit 2011, discusses how Google motivates and rewards its top talent.

  Compensation & Rewards Summit 2011
Join Google's Frank Wagner -- and over 100 other compensation professionals -- for Human Resources IQ's Online Compensation & Rewards Summit 2011, January 18 - February 10.

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