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HR Today

Listen to an HR Today podcast, which focuses on providing professionals with business strategies and best practices that address issues affecting the human resources industry. View All

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New book offers steps for practical implementations of Drucker principles: When Peter Drucker began distilling his management principles more than half a century ago, he focused on a “what to do,” not a “how to do it” perspective. Dr. Bill Cohen, a student and friend of Drucker, has published a book, The Practical Drucker, which is broken into 40 bite-size chapters that explain the how-to-do-it steps businesses can take when implementing Druckerian principles. Listen now
Tags:   Peter Drucker | Dr. William Cohen | The Practical Drucker
11/20/2013  12:00:00 AM EST

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Effective Management Toolkit Podcast Series

Effective Management Toolkit

Listen to a podcast on the Effective Management Toolkit, which is a place where management professionals obtain tools and resources that help design, implement and execute management initiatives effectively. View All

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Effective Management Toolkit: How to Prepare for an Effective Interview with Potential Candidates: Hiring top candidates in this economy has become increasingly difficult, especially considering there is currently a war for talent. Listen now
Tags:   hiring | employee recruitment | talent management
10/17/2012  12:00:00 AM EDT

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HRIQ Podcast Series


Listen to an HRIQ Series podcast, which focuses on providing professionals with business strategies and best practices that address issues affecting the Human Resources industry. Learn more today. View All

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The Comcast Rules on Demystifying Metrics: The key to implementing HR metrics in a meaningful way is to demystify what they really are: Numbers that are trying to tell you something. Yasmine Ndassa, Director of HR Analytics at Comcast Cable, says to avoid metrics fear and overload, you should start with the business end goal in mind. She also explains that the company's business development stakeholders need to come together with experts in HR metrics to make sure the insights are in the frame of the larger text of the business. Listen now
Tags:   hr metrics | human resources metrics | Comcast
07/31/2013  12:00:00 AM EDT

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